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Consuelo and the Lady is a book about love, faith, and the difficulty of dealing with Alzheimer’s disease. Consuelo is a young girl who suddenly realizes that the Grandmother she has adored all her life – the one who is famous for telling amazing stories – is becoming detached and forgetful. Grandmother has Alzheimer’s disease. It’s all so confusing and frightening for Consuelo, but she remains steadfastly attentive to the old woman, and even helps her Grandmother finish the stories that Consuelo remembers by heart. One day the old woman tells her a new story… one that she has never heard before… but it’s a story that will change Consuelo and the way she looks at life. * * * * * Consuelo loved her Grandmother dearly. Always the storyteller at family gatherings, the old woman often mesmerized the children with her tales. Consuelo tried hard to remember those stories she held dear, but recently Grandmother had started forgetting many things, including the stories. Saddened and somewhat scared, Consuelo wondered what could be happening to Grandmother, and what would happen to the stories. One day, the old woman began to tell a brand new story. Consuelo listened well to remember Grandmother’s best story ever.

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