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A book that can stand the test of time

“Very nice story, well crafted dealing with the subject of Alzheimer’s disease. In this day and age of technology, it is refreshing (and long overdue) to read a story whereby a young lady comes to grips with her grandmother’s disease. She stands strong with her grandmother…..helps her deal with day-to-day activities, listens intently to her wonderful stories, and takes it upon herself to pass along her grandmother’s spirit by taking up the role of the family storyteller for the next generation of family members. All along, she dives into learning about Our Lady of Guadalupe because this was a ‘new’ story from her grandmother. For the youth of today, this book can serve as an inspiration for how to live life appropriately. Caring for others, learning the wise lesssons of our elders, and becoming better people through learning as much as possible about our family religion. Great read!!”

Dan Popp

Get in the Know!

“Ideally suited for young students that need to study cultural and historical events and settings.”


Excellent book!

Very enjoyable read that reminds one to cherish the times you have with loved ones.


A story that inspires!

“This is a beautifully told story that will inspire anyone to look around at the blessing that surround us, even in times of duress. It is a story about real life and the miracles that happen so often, most of which we do not realize have happened until we look back. Mel Davenport has brought us something we can read over and over. Thank you, Mel!”

Albert A. Correia

Engaging book about faith, history, sickness and family.. especially family.

“This is an amazing story of patience, compassion, family, faith and sickness. Many people deal with Alzheimer’s disease with their loved ones and this book addresses the affects of the illness on the loved ones with a kind-hearted story. Not only is there the story of the sick grandmother, there is a story within the story about Our Lady of Guadalupe. I had not known that story so to learn within this book that it is a real event is rather fascinating. I plan on looking up this history to learn more! I recommend this book because of the multiple layers of teaching that can be gleaned from the pages for adults and for children.”

Lori Buresh